Letter to the Real Gs!

Zesco was forced into extreme honesty at some point today. Now in as much as that was extremely horrific to discover, it’s also what you do when you’re in a bad relationship and want to try again with exact person, you start by showing how bad it’s become.

So Zesco, came out after being asked to by certain residents of the Kariba area. If you haven’t picked up on the information, we really are, just barely hanging on by a thread.

I’m shocked at how into the trenches we are, but there is no hiding this is currently the rock which bottomed.

As the sun went down and darkness enveloped us into our load shedded reality, some heated locker room talk broke out, enraged at the state of affairs.

“But where exactly do we even begin, wih all these problems in front of us” Kasuli grumbled his confusion.

“You can’t get a girlfriend because you don’t have money to take her out. You don’t have money because it’s hard to work without electricity and it’s hard to work without electricity because even the generator has no gas, because there is no money” Kasuli said exasperated with the bleak situation they were faced with.

But even with all those problems Kasuli had no one to blame, the message was clear, time to throw in the towel.

Another colleague wanted to provide context as to how bad the situation felt, below is his rendition.

“This is the same as taking your daughter to the guy who got her pregnant, while on the path you meet the man who your dog had bitten, and while going to the vet you meet the man sleeping with your wife, how can you survive all these at one point”

Random Collegue

Certainly a lot of problems we are faced with, firstly huge disclaimer, I’m no expert, I will not pretend to be. I’m just a dread head individual who likes to discuss progressive ideas. That said, we have a big problem on our collective shoulders.

Some might not be as concerned as I am, even thinking the rains will be back and then we are good and that’s understandable. But what happens when we are back here in a couple of years again? Don’t forget this is our second bite of the apple in a short space of time.

So what can we do? Where can we start?

I’m a dreamer and as such I believe Zesco have taken the first step, done absolutely right, they have started to open the door and show us how bad things are but that was only one aspect. Now we need to know Zesco’s financials if we really are to help make the necessary changes.

It’s time to come clean and start working for the benefit of the country. Not only Zesco but every wing of public service to avail themselves and show us where the blood is, so some independent specialists can come in to sew the bleeding shut. And independent volunteers such as myself to help provide help where we can.

I feel like this is an opportunity for us to come together to rectify problems and not to assign blame. It’s easy to want to shout, make memes, and not ask for change and even worse if we can’t offer ourselves up for the cause.

The time for blame comes later, but first we need to start by creating some change and we need to act now. We like the bible so much so I’ll quote a scripture I find particularly applicable. Matthew 12:24-25;

We are a kingdom, if we are divided we are not going anyway, but like I said I feel honesty is a great thing, no matter how dirty the sheets get.

A little loadshedding to cut the TV out and allow us to work together on solutions that can transform all our lives, together as a beautiful country, but hey I could just be a dreamer.

Remember we are stronger together.

P.s A local tech guru has a brilliant idea, change from units to time. If we only each have five hours allow us to change it from units to time check it here;Microtech Cloud Solutions

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