Mental Monday! Last call!

I was home dreading the heat when my girlfriend called me saying she had seen a news item quoting the demise of Kobe Bryant. Initially I was stunned wishing it was a terrible internet hoax. Alas the Google search engine wouldn't allow me to finish my search without predicting with accuracy what I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Fi Lazy

Tom couldn't hide his excitement, replying as quickly as his mind would allow him to move. As he read the delivery message with a smile he noticed the awkward silence coming from the FIFA playing duo. Chongo and Jack were both looking over their phones at Tom, forgetting to pause the game. "What?" Tom asked... Continue Reading →

Add Personality

Ever received a gift so personal you felt valued? Think back, what do you think gave the gift such personality? Was it the monetary value of the gift? The size? Maybe it was the occasion it was gifted? Most times I've found it's the message the gift represents Messages come in different forms, some need... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday! Escape!

The world crushes us down with the intensity of gravity, so ofcourse we have created routes with which we can escape from the pressures of life. Even if only but for a moment. Hi and welcome to my blog, may you find time to take care of your mental health this year. Most importantly may... Continue Reading →

Fi Lazy

Takuzwa stared at the car pull away and drive off with her mouth gaping open. How childish, Takuzwa thought to herself as she turned the napkin over, reading what was on it; The deal was I'd call you when I figured it out. Painting represents everything I am but I'm not sure if it can... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday! Star!

Yes, you are a star! Maybe right now you feel less than a star, all coated in grime. Tossed aside, and made to feel less than worthy of a seat at the table. But you are a Star, and you deserve your own table. Hi and welcome back to Mental Monday, I hope you've had... Continue Reading →

Fi Lazy

Tom hadn't been able to sleep since Takuzwa challenged him. He spent his nights staring at the ceiling, and counting down his interests rather than sheep; Lawyer, doctor, architect, engineer, writer, teacher, economist,... Tom counted down as he stared at his ceiling hoping for a sign to reveal itself in the cracks of his painted... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday! Family!

There are days I sit, quiz myself as to how some of my best mates are my family. The reason my family are also my friends and why I love them so much has never been more obvious to me than in this 2020 season, and why Today's Mental Monday is, Family. Hi and welcome... Continue Reading →

Fi Lazy

Tom stared at his reflection in the pool. He saw his light long curly afro wobble with the waves, his chipped tooth and his father's unusual eyes. What will I do? He thought to himself, just then Chongo excitedly shook him out of his daze. "Party at the Chifulos tonight, we gotta go. End the... Continue Reading →

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